Tangier - Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Based on the Title of today's blog, you may have thought the American Treasure Tour was going to northwestern Africa and Tangier, Morocco.  Not quite so exotic, we are honoring another one of the record albums adorning the walls of the Music Box.  The band's name is Tangier, and they were a Philadelphia-based hard rock group influenced by the higher-profile Cinderella, for whom they opened on some tours during their seven-year existence beginning in 1985.

Tangier recorded three albums, with Four Winds their sophomore effort.  Their hits "On the Line" and "Southbound Train" both came from this album, released in 1989.  We have the great pleasure to introduce those unfamiliar with the stylistic warblings of Tangier to watch the video for "Southbound Train."  No word on any reunion tours to date....

QUESTION:  During what era of world history was the city of Tangier, Morocco considered a safe haven for spies and covert operators?
A)  The Barbary Wars
B)  The American Civil War
C)  World War II
D)  The Cold War
Answer Below

Two different Constitutional Amendments were ratified on this day.  What are the chances? The 15th amendment, passed in 1870, guaranteed people of all races the right to vote.  This brought the United States one step closer to achieving the liberties promised in the Constitution; however, in 1913, the 16th amendment was passed which gave the federal government the power to impose and collect an income tax on the people.  While perhaps necessary to help keep our country going, this could hardly be said to be popular.  Oh well.  The things we do!

TRIBUTE TO A TRIBUNE MAN:  Today, we celebrate the birth of Horace Greeley - a rarity among men whose career as a newspaperman in the 19th century proved to be highly important for the country.  Outspoken to the end, he not only made his New York Tribune one of the most influential in the country, but he turned his principles into reality by participating in government - even to the end.  In 1872, he ran as a candidate for the United States presidency against the incumbent Ulysses Grant.  He died in the middle of the election process. 

QUOTE:  Common sense is very uncommon. - Horace Greeley

ANSWER:  D)  The Cold War.  The political neutrality and commercial liberty during the Cold War era made it an ideal place for spies to hide out when things got "hot."