Wacky Wednesday

Chicken Rug.jpg

The image to the right depicts one of two things: a chicken standing proud far in front of two farm buildings OR a giant chicken, large enough to be twenty, thirty feet tall, ready to devour all in its path. Although we're pretty sure it's the former suggestion, the idea of the latter is much more appealing to our sensibilities here. This is what you would likely describe as a "primitive folk art hooked rug." It is almost certainly hand made, and it embraces the love and fascination people have had with chickens since their domestication - which was somewhere around nine thousand years ago! There is evidence that the first people to tame chickens were from modern India and China, and they were originally used more as entertainment in the early days than they were for food.  Research indicates that they weren't introduced in Europe until about 800 B.C. Now, they have become an integral part of human diet and culture.

So maybe that is why chickens are celebrated in popular culture throughout the world. The Toy Box, here at the American Treasure Tour, recognizes this deep appreciation for chickens with this rug, displayed right above the inside entrance, near where our tram picks up our guests for their ride. Don't be upset with yourself if you haven't noticed it. As far as we can tell, it's never noticed us, either.