The American Museum, by the ATT Curatorial Staff

According to the United States government, over 35,000 museums are available to visit in this great country.  Some of them are absolutely massive (think Metropolitan Museum of Art in Philadelphia), and some are teensy tiny (the Thaddeus Kosciusko National Historic Park in Philadelphia is the smallest branch of the federal National Park Service). But they all have stories to tell that, collectively, reveal the wonder, beauty, and complexity of our nation.


Unquestionably, the American Treasure Tour is the "must see!" "fascinating" "indescribably spectacular" place to visit here in Oaks, Pennsylvania.  But there are so many sites worth visiting around the country that shaking a stick at all of them would only make your arm tired. The curatorial staff here at the ATT loves visiting museums, and then coming back home to share what new insights we gleaned from the experience.  So, starting next week, we're going to begin sharing with you some of the places we've visited or hope to visit soon.

American Treasure Tour Tram.jpg

Have suggestions for us? Send them forward.  If we haven't been, and it's at all possible, we will get there.  If you want to pay for the journey, just tell us when we're going.  There are some pretty cool places we've read about in Barrow, Alaska we'd like to visit.  Just saying....