The American West

QUESTION:  In what film set in a western town did Yul Brynner play a robot cowboy trying to kill James Brolin ans Richard Benjamin?
A)  Once Upon a Time in the West
B)  How the West was Won
C)  Westworld
D)  A Million Ways to Die in the West

The Treasure Tour blog is revisiting the Omrod Giant World of Miniatures again today and a scene taken right out of the great American West!  It has everything - stagecoach traffic, horses galore, buildings, trees, a bathhouse, and even a cactus or two.  What makes it most memorable, though, is that everything in the town is made entirely out of plastic. We all know that the first plastic based on a synthetic polymer, made from phenol and formaldehyde, was developed by the Belgian-born American scientist Leo Hendrik Baekeland in 1907, but we can assure you that our tiny western town is nowhere near that old. It does provide us with numerous topics of discussion, though, so let's work with that.

The American West. Wild, dangerous, exciting. We have been told through film and romantic histories that there were countless bank robberies, gun fights and Indian attacks in pretty much every single town that developed west of the Mississippi River. You know, what we think of as the old west. The "first" wild west would have been just that land out of sight of the Atlantic Ocean, as far as the early European settlers were concerned and, over the course of a few hundred years, it just kept stretching farther and farther as colonists, pioneers and explorers kept pushing into the lands inhabited by the Native Americans. And it's a safe bet there was a lot more drudgery than we want to think. Getting cattle to market, clearing farms, making a living. Of course, that sort of day-to-day survival is overlooked in our tiny display. Here, we see a bustling main street in a nondescript town. A few stagecoaches arriving, a busy thoroughfare, and then there's Lennon's Baths - a destination for people who haven't cleaned up for the last few months. It's time for those quarterly baths whether you need them or not! Come to the American Treasure Tour to see this in person!

ANSWER:  C)  Westworld, released in 1973.