The blog is back, baby!

Welcome back to a world of wonder, where we will wax on about wamazing wand werrific - okay, fine. This alliteration thing isn't working for us.  But the American Treasure Tour doesn't need cheap language gimmicks to offer spectacular stories and incites about our collection, as well as notable things and places to see in this fascinating country. We are extremely excited at the opportunity to share all of this with you (and more), all through this newfangled interweb thing that the kids are using today to send electronic emails to one another.  

ATT Treasures.jpg

So sit back, click away on your social media pages, our website, and whatever other stuff you click on, and enjoy the goings on at the most wonderful destination you could ever hope to find - right here in Oaks, Pennsylvania.  (Please note: the description of the American Treasure Tour as "the most wonderful destination..." is completely biased; however, it is also pretty close to completely true. We welcome examples of other, more most wonderful destinations from our readers.)