The Chalk Garden - Thursday, June 4, 2015

Everyone who knows anything about the American Treasure Tour knows we love movies.  And nickelodeons.  And circuses.  And movies.  Did we say movies already?  Well, we have posters and celebrity headshots on display all through the tour, and we like talking about them every now and again on the blog.

We would like to spend a little time today discussing one of the smaller posters hanging in the Music Room today, honoring the 1964 film The Chalk Garden.  It was directed by Ronald Neame, who is arguably more famous for directing The Poseidon Adventure (1972) and Hopscotch (1980), and starred Edith Evans as struggling grandmother Mrs. St. Maugham and Hayley Mills as her disturbed grandchild Laurel, who makes it her personal goal to chase away every governess ever hired to care for her.  Her current foil is Miss Madrigal, played by Deborah Kerr.  More familiar as a play, the film was well received when it came out, with Evans even being nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Award for her performance.  Check it out!
QUESTION:  Hayley Mills performed many different roles during her youth, but is best known for which two?
A)  Sharon McKendrick and Susan Evers
B)  Patty Lane and Cathy Lane
C)  Alice and Emma Nelson
D)  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

QUADDING IT!  It's almost impossible to imagine a world without cars.  Well, in 1896, they were incredibly rare indeed, and those who owned them were invariably very well off.  One man would change all that, but it would take over a decade to get there.  Still, everything has to start somewhere, and it was on June 4th that Henry Ford finished production of his very first internal combustion vehicle - called the quadricycle, it ran on four bicycle tires and had a two-cylinder engine and could go as fast as twenty miles per hour.  That may not sound like a lot today, but there's no question that someone was perturbed as Ford sped by, shaking their clenched fist at him and likely calling him a nogoodnik troublemaker! 

BARRYMORE! The Barrymore name is deeply and closely associated with the performing arts - going back to the days before the cinema with John, Lionel and Ethel Barrymore (even their father Maurice), and present today with the films of Drew Barrymore.  Well, between John and his granddaughter Drew is the all-but-forgotten John Drew Barrymore.  Born today in 1932, he starred in numerous movies and television shows - perhaps none of a caliber one might expect from the Barrymores, but John Drew kinda got the short straw.  He did not get the rolls his family got, but he did have his family's famously addictive personality and struggled with alcohol until he passed away in 2004

QUOTE:  I never regret anything, because every little detail of your life is what made you who you are in the end. - Drew Barrymore

ANSWERS:  A)  Sharon McKendrick and Susan Evers were the identical characters she played in the 1961 film The Parent Trap.  The Lanes (B) were identical cousins played by Patty Duke.  Alice and Emma Nelson were both played by Ann B. Davis in a special episode of The Brady Bunch.