The Disco Ball - Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Here at the American Treasure Tour, we have a Wurlitzer nickelodeon with a feature on it called a Wonder Lite.  When the machine is on, the Wonder Lite lights up and twirls, creating a mini-light show not unlike that created by a  disco ball.  So, we thought it might be nice to spend a little time on the history of the disco ball, also known as the mirror or glitter ball.  Tiny mirrors are attached to a sphere, and dangled from above, with light directed at it to create a dramatic light show.  

The earliest documented use of a mirror ball was in an 1897 Boston dance hall, and they became extremely popular by the 1920s in nightclubs, going so far as to getting a cameo in a German silent film from 1927.  By the '60s they appeared in discotheques across the world and became closely associated with the disco era of the 1970s, hence the name "disco ball."  
QUESTION:  During her "Confessions" tour, which American musician incorporated a disco ball made of $2 million worth of Swarovski crystal in her 2-ton glitter ball?
A)  Mariah Carey
B)  Katey Perry
C)  Madonna
D)  Jennifer Hudson

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JFK  In an iconic moment, it was this day 53 years ago when Marilyn Monroe sang best wishes to our 35th president - what would tragically be the last birthday he would ever celebrate.  Still, how could he possible complain with this rendition of the famous song being given to him?  If the rumors of their relationship are true, you have to wonder if she sang the song for him again later in the evening.

VIVA RAMONES!  It's difficult to believe that Joey Ramone left us fourteen years ago.  But it was on this day in 1951 when a bouncing baby boy was born to Noel and Charlotte Hyman. They named him Jeffrey Ross Hyman, but he changed it to Joey himself when he founded the Ramones in 1974.  Prior to that, he'd performed as Jeff Starship with the Snipers, when he got attention for his musical prowess.  The Ramones became the stuff of legend, despite minor commercial success.  In 1996, the band broke up as Joey struggled with the lymphoma that would cut short his career and his life.  Sad he was taken too soon, glad we had him when we did. 

QUOTE:  I enjoyed my life when I had nothing... and kind of like the idea of just being happy with me. - Joey Ramone

ANSWER:  C)  Madonna.  The tour was in 2006.