The Emotions

QUESTION:  Between 1969 and 1985, The Emotions released eleven albums.  Which of the following is not one of them?
A)  Celebration
B)  Untouched
C)  Sunbeam
D)  Sincerely

Earth, Wind and Fire is one of the most successful bands of the twentieth century, and the variety of music they perform and record is virtually unparalleled in the industry. They were formed in 1971 by the exceptional Maurice White (who sadly passed away earlier this year), and have continued to influence other artists to this day. Why, you may ask, do we introduce the band The Emotions by mentioning Earth, Wind, and Fire?  Because Maurice White and Earth, Wind, and Fire gave them their first taste of stardom when he produced Rejoice in 1977, including their number one hit single "Best of My Love."

The Emotions consist of the Hutchinson sisters - originally Wanda, Sheila and Jeanette founded the harmonizing soul/R&B group in 1962, although Jeanette left in 1977 to be replaced by youngest sister Pamela, whose voice can be heard on Rejoice. They have recorded eleven albums and continue performing to this day, but it was Rejoice, the album displayed in our Music Room, that garnered for The Emotions their greatest success, achieving the platinum status that all musicians covet. Of course, an honor that no other band could ever hope to achieve was that Maurice White himself claimed it the best album he ever produced outside of his own band. High praise indeed!

ANSWER:  A)  Celebration.