The Everly Brothers - Friday, August 14, 2015

Hello blog-readers!  It's a big day today not only because it means the weekend starts tomorrow (unless you had to start early, in which case happy day off!) and because we are going to talk about the Everly Brothers!  Music is everywhere in the American Treasure Tour, and no self-respecting site honoring quality tunes could get away with ignoring this early crossover band, that has an honored spot in both the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Ike Everly worked in a coal mine as a teenager, but his dad encouraged him to take up music.  He was 26 when he met and married 15 year-old Margaret Embry.  In 1937, their first son, Don, was born followed two years later by Phil.  When they were old enough, they joined the Everly Family.  Family friend Chet Atkins saw talent in the harmonizing younger Everly's and they became a duet and they started recording.  In 1957, their song "Bye Bye Love," after being rejected by no less than thirty different labels, hit the number two slot on the rock charts, while also hitting the country and R & B charts.  They had some amazingly successful songs, they had some flops; however, it was personal problems that broke the brothers up - drug abuse and alcoholism led to silence between them for a decade, before reuniting in the mid-80s. Their later success was more modest, but they performed together until Phil's death last year.
QUESTION:  What band referred to themselves as "The English Everly Brothers"?
A)  The Rolling Stones
B)  The Beatles
C)  The Who
D)  The Kinks

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  On this day in 1975, the movie version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show was first released at the USA Theatre in Westwood, Los Angeles.  Early reviews of the film were, to put it mildly, brutal.  If the critics had any say, it's likely the movie would have disappeared immediately.  But fans didn't care.  The film became a cult sensation, and has never entirely disappeared from the cinema, making it the longest-running release in film history, hands down.  

TURNING 70 today is Steve Martin.  It is highly unlikely that a comedian can ever reach the level of stardom that Steve Martin has achieved.  Writer, actor, musician and producer, Martin has had his hand in many different operations, but mostly he has made people laugh.  If you don't have a favorite Steve Martin film, that just means you need to watch more of them.  Or watch the old Saturday Night Live reruns, since he helped get the show on the ground in the early 1970s.  If you want a movie to watch, we recommend The Jerk (some inappropriate language) or Bowfinger.  Or about a dozen other ones.  Happy birthday, Steve!

QUOTE:  I believe entertainment can aspire to be art, but if you set out to make art you're an idiot. - Steve Martin

ANSWER:  B)  The Beatles.  They cited "Cathy's Clown" as a huge influence on songs including "Please Please Me".