The Fly - Friday, February 5, 2016

The blog photographer is admittedly not being very creative today.  Shame on him!  Using the same exact pictures as we used yesterday, but to tell a different story.  That's because there's so much cool stuff packed into every inch of the Omrod Giant Collection of Miniatures that we can use the same coverage to get at a different angle.  Today, it's the classic horror film The Fly, as well as its sequels, its remake, and its remake's sequel.  Heck, we're generous.  We will start at the very beginning, with the 1957 short story written by George Langelaan and published in Playboy magazine that year.  It was a very, very dark tale of science gone wrong that ends in madness and suicide.  It was very well received, though, and won Playboy's Best Fiction Award for that year, as well as being published in the Annual of the Year's Best Science Fiction.  And, of course, it spawned movies.

All tolled, there are five Fly movies and one opera.  The first film was released in 1958 in color (a big deal at the time for a horror film), and stars Vincent Price as the brother of Andre Delambre, a Quebecois scientist who has created a matter transporter.  When he experiments on himself, he is unaware that a fly entered the machine with him, and their bodies morph together.  Not exactly scary by today's standards, the film was popular enough to inspire two sequels - Return of the Fly the next year, and the 1965 Curse of the Fly.  But wait, there's more!  In 1986, well-known/notorious Canadian director David Cronenberg remade The Fly, starring Jeff Goldblum in a much more gooey and creepy interpretation.  It also did well enough to inspire a sequel, the creatively titled The Fly II, starring Eric Stoltz as the son of Jeff Goldblum's tragic scientist.

And then there's the opera, which was created in 2008, and was inspired by the 1986 film, rather than the short story or the 1957 version.  Sadly, we don't know much about it.  It is French made, but there are no known recordings of it.  Something to search out!
QUESTION:  Which of the following films did Jeff Goldblum also star in?
A)  Jurassic Park III
B)  Independent Days
C)  The Big Chill
D)  The Wrong Stuff

A VERY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY!  Okay, we recognize that boardgames don't technically have birthday's but we're going to celebrate anyway, because this is for the game of games - Monopoly!  Okay, die-hard fans know that the first manifestation of the game was introduced in 1903, but the game we play today was first produced on this day in 1935.  This celebration of real estate transactions has had an impact on American culture in more ways than one.  During World War II, special editions were made that included maps, compasses. and other things intended to assist prisoners of war.  Of course, nowadays, there are versions of the game dedicated to countless themes.  None yet for the American Treasure Tour, but stay tuned....

QUOTE:  It's best not to stare at the son during an eclipse. - Jeff Goldblum

ANSWER:  C)  The Big Chill