The Heart of Humanity

QUESTION: The Heart of Humanity is considered something of a remake of what D.W. Griffiths film?
A)  Hearts of the World
B)  Birth of a Nation
C)  Intolerance
D)  A Romance of Happy Valley

The American Treasure Tour blog strives to acknowledge all of the actors and movies advertised in the Music Room.  Since there are hundreds of them in there, it may take some time to hit them all, but we are glad to recognize The Heart of the World for all of its fans today. The United States entered the Great War the year before and the film industry embraced the challenge to rally the country with propaganda films. One such film was The Heart of Humanity starring Dorothy Phillips as an American in Canada named Nanette in love with John Patricia, one of five brothers who went off to Europe to fight in the war. Nanette joined the Red Cross as a nurse so she could be near her beloved.  Trouble comes in the form of Eric von Stroheim, a man worthy of his own blog entry (spoiler alert), who plays the evil Eric von Eberhard, a Prussian lieutenant intent on doing very bad things to the lovely Nanette.  It is up to John to find and save her before it is too late.

World War I fighting occurred mostly in trenches. To emulate the harsh conditions of then-modern warfare, over 1.5 million gallons of precious Los Angeles water was pumped into facsimile trenches from the Los Angeles riverbed. The film was widely released in February 1919, a full three months after the armistice was signed.

ANSWER:  A)  Hearts of the World