The Hollywood Walk of Fame

QUESTION:  How many stars are currently on display on the sidewalks of Hollywood, honoring actors, musicians, and other performers?
A)  Between 100 and 200
B)  Somewhere around 750
C)  Close to 2,500
D)  Right about 3,000

The American Treasure Tour had every intention to dedicate today's blog entry to the inimitable Betty Compson, but then we got distracted. So now we're going to address the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And yes, we realize that we are causing trouble with the years of methodical planning that goes into each blog entry, but that's how we are. Throwing danger to the wind and all that.

If you have ever had the opportunity to visit Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, you might agree that the best thing to do there is to look down. The streets are covered with stars dedicated t men, women, and the occasional fictional character who have achieved celebrity in any of five categories:  motion pictures, broadcast television, audio recording or music, broadcast radio, and theater/live performance. A number of people honored with these stars have earned more than one, but there is only one performer who has earned five. We do not want to spoil the surprise, so we won't tell you that his name is Gene Autry.  We also won't tell you that Stanley Kramer, the director of films including Inherit the Wind and Judgment at Nuremberg has the distinction of receiving the first star ever laid, which happened in 1960. And you thought they had been there for a hundred years!  (Okay, maybe you didn't think that. Maybe you never wondered.)  Anyway, there is also one star that cannot be walked on. That is Muhammad Ali's, which was placed on the wall at the Kodak Theater because he did not want anyone to walk on him who didn't like him. For the record, he earned his star in the theater/live performance category because boxing is regarded as a performance by the powers that be. 

ANSWER:  C)  Close to 2,500.  It proved surprisingly difficult to get an exact count.  We guess that's because they keep adding stars, around thirty a year. Or it's difficult to find someone willing to count every. single. one.