The House on the Rock - Wednesday, September 16, 2015

As you (hopefully) know, the American Treasure Tour is located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, less than one mile from Valley Forge National Historical Society.  We have, as you (hopefully) know, a very large attraction with many different elements to it that makes it a challenge to describe us.  We often get visitors telling us we remind them of other destinations across the country, even though we are different.  The place people most often compare us to is hands down the House on the Rock, located in Southwestern Wisconsin, in the town of Spring Green.  It is a short distance from Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin.  

The House on the Rock was created by one man, Alex Jordan, Jr.  His sense of imagination can be seen in almost every spot throughout the complex, including the house itself, as well as the different displays connected to it - a massive merry-go-round, an over-sized whale fighting with a giant squid, an old-town scene, the Infinity Room.  And it's all indoors.  The comparisons with our collection are arguably the closest with the animated bands that perform for coins; however, the mechanical machines at the House on the Rock have more often than not been altered far beyond their original appearance, while ours retain their original charm and design.  So, in short, we recognize that the comparisons between the American Treasure Tour and the House on the Rock are intended as a compliment, but we do recommend you experience both of us - you will see how different we are!  If you're going to do the double feature in the same trip, expect to drive a lot.  We are about fifteen hours apart.
QUESTION:  What vacation destination is less than sixty miles from the House on the Rock?
A)  Walt Disney World
B)  Wisconsin Dells
C)  The Mall of America
D)  The Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame

THE BIGGEST ONE OF THE BIG THREE.  On this day in 1908, a man named Billy Durant had a vision - established a holding company that he named General Motors.  His idea was to bring together a number of automobile companies to ensure success through solidarity.  This was at a time when there were very few automobiles on the road, and many many different companies producing them.  There were no standards of production and it was always a gamble what you bought.  The first major producer of cars brought into GM was Buick, and it would be the next year when such makers as Cadillac and Oakland joined the team.  Durant's creation would dominate the American automotive industry for decades to come.

B.B.!  We lost a great American musician this past May.  Riley B. "B.B." King would have been ninety years old today.  Known by many as "The King of the Blues,"  B.B. is regarded as one of the best electric guitarists of all time, and his influence on every guitarist who followed in his footsteps.  He was also one of the greatest concert performers ever, playing over two hundred shows every year well into his seventies.  We miss you, Mr. King!

ANSWER:  B) Wisconsin Dells.  A wonderful place, as are the other three mentioned.  Unless you don't like shopping.  Or fishing.  Or Mickey Mouse.