The iPad - Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The American Treasure Tour blog is a great resource for fans of the tour to come and explore elements of our collection that there's simply not enough time to discuss on the traditional 90-minute experience here.  We hope you come here not only to discover what we have on display, but to find out a little bit about American history, the people who have helped make America great, and other little factoids that charm us.  So, you may think our inclusion of a heading as modern as the iPad may seem surprising, but these modern digital masterpieces are pivotal to our tour for the simple reason that our guides rely on them to get our machines working!

Believe it or not, the iPad did not exist for public consumption prior to 2010.  The introduction of the iPhone in 2007 served as something of a teaser for the technology that was to come - the smaller screen had many of the features that would become standard in the iPad - a touch-sensitive screen with application options, a camera with both still and video options, access to the internet wherever you might be.  But the iPhone could not have anticipated the massive popularity of the iPad.  In the last five years. over 250 million of these devices have been bought around the world.  Since that time, six different versions have been released, all with the 9.7" screen that has become standard.  Knock-offs about since its introduction, so much so that it seems that more Americans have a tablet of one type or another than do not.  But we here at the American Treasure Tour use iPads to turn on and off the nickelodeons, band organs, dance hall organs and photoplayers.  We wouldn't consider switching to anyone else.
QUESTION:  The iPad's screen measures 9.7".  What Apple product has a screen measuring 7.9"?
A)  The iPhone4
B)  The iBook
C)  The iPadMini
D)  The iWhopper

SHUTTLED!  Most Americans living can remember the Space Shuttle.  That's because it's only been four years today since the Shuttle program officially ended.  In 2011, it was determined that the missions for which the different shuttles were sent to space could be executed using different types of crafts and through a multitude of organizations.  So, when the Shuttle Atlantis returned to earth, it was retired.  Now, the surviving shuttles (including Atlantis, Discovery, and Endeavor) can be visited in different museums across the country.

SNOOTY!  We love to celebrate the birthdays of famous Americans here at the blog.  Well, today we're going to celebrate a true American, although one who may not be exactly famous. Yet.  His name is Snooty, and he is a Florida Manatee.  He is the first recorded manatee born in captivity, and also quite possibly the oldest living manatee - born in 1948 in the South Florida Museum's Parker Manatee Aquarium in Bradenton, Florida.  Sadly, he's never known life in the wild, but we would like to think he's still happy, especially because he's never come into contact with reckless speedboat drivers in the canals and waterways of Florida, where manatee are regularly injured by law-breaking motorists.  Happy birthday, Snooty!

QUOTE:  I've always thought it would be really wonderful to have a little box, a sort of slate, that you could carry around with you. - Steve Jobs on the development of the iPad (1984)

ANSWER:  C)  The iPadMini