"The Morning Call" - Monday, April 6, 2015

The American Treasure Tour is a great destination for many reasons - if you want to hear nickelodeons play that are over one hundred years old, or if you want to see any of a number of classic automobiles, old store animations, or old movie posters.  There are plenty of other items on display, too, that you may never have considered worth preserving until you see them here. In that category is a framed page from a newspaper.  Specifically, page 29 of the Friday, April 13, 1945 The Morning Call newspaper.  

The Morning Call is an Allentown, Pennsylvania-based newspaper that has been in circulation since it was formed in 1883 as The Critic, which claims over seventy percent of the Lehigh Valley as its audience -  much of east-central Pennsylvania.  The name of the newspaper was decided by a contest, where the winner was a school student whose name is lost to history.  They won a five dollar gold coin.  The page we have on display is in a somewhat nondescript spot on the wall of the Music Room, near the Wurlitzer neon sign.  We will be devoting the remainder of the week to different elements on the page.
QUESTION:  The Morning Call is owned by the Tribune Company.  Which of the following newspapers is not a member of this prestigious family of newspapers?
A)  Chesapeake Home + Living
B)  The Baltimore Sun
C)  The Philadelphia Inquirer
D)  Orlando Sentinel

TAKE A CHANCE.  Today's historical event could hardly be considered part of American culture, and yet it would ultimately affect more Americans than we could possibly count.  It happened in Great Britain to four Swedish citizens.  On this day in 1974, Agnetha Faltskog, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Anderson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, better known as ABBA, won the Eurovision Song Contest.  The song they sang was "Waterloo," and their prize was a profound love by passionate fans across the world.  ABBA had formed four years before, and would remain together until 1982.  They have sold over 380 million albums worldwide to audiences who hunger for a reunion of the supergroup.  Keep hoping!

NEW JERSEY SON.  Today is the birthday of an actor ready to don one of the smallest superhero costumes ever.  Paul Rudd, Passaic native, is not only turning 46 today, but he is soon to be Antman.  Part of the Marvel universe, he has been an actor for a number of decades now, generally concentrating his charm on comedies such as Clueless, Wet Hot American Summer, the Ron Burgundy Anchorman movies, and too many more to mention.  May he have success and the happiest of birthdays!

QUOTE:  I think there's something great about goldfish.  They're everybody's first pet. - Paul Rudd

ANSWER:  C)  The Philadelphia Inquirer.  It is owned by the Interstate General Media group.  So you know.