The Munsters - Tuesday, January 5, 2016

(It's actually in focus in real life - we promise)

(It's actually in focus in real life - we promise)

We know what you're thinking.  Sorry, we don't want to scare you with that comment.  We don't really know what you're thinking in the sense that we don't know what your favorite type of cheese is or anything, what we were going with is that we suspect you're wondering why today's blog is about the televised sitcom The Munsters, which aired from 1964 through 1966.  It has everything to do with Omrod's Giant World of Miniatures, now on display at the American Treasure Tour.  Mr. Omrod has a definite love of horror films, as well as television, fantasy and pretty much everything else you can imagine.  The Munsters appears in two separate displays he created, so we figure we had best honor them here in the blog, too!

Fred Gwynn (Herman Munster) and Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster) worked together in Car 54, Where Are You?, a police comedy that aired from 1961 to 1963.  Yvonne DeCarlo had been an accomplished film actress who embraced the small screen easily.  Initial discussions of the concept of a family of monsters living in suburbia was first visualized as a cartoon by Bob Clampett, who was a key figure in developing the Warner Brothers cartoons including Porky Pig and Tweety Bird, but CBS television decided live action was the way to go.  Unfortunately, ABC had a show called The Addams Family that was airing simultaneously that had a similar concept. Both programs lasted only two seasons (before being picked up for syndication, where reruns would play pretty much constantly), but they could not compete against sch shows as Batman, which had the extra added appeal of being in color!

Still, the antics of the Munster family have made children and children at heart smile for over half a century now, and our wonderful Omrod collection justly honors them (although, notably, the members of the Addams family are not equally honored by Mr. Omrod.  Clearly, he's a bigger fan of Herman and Lily than he is of Gomez and Morticia.  We love you all, though!)
QUESTION:  Jackie Coogan, who played Uncle Fester in The Addams Family (the guy crouching behind the chair in the above picture) did what notable thing to prepare himself for the audition during casting?
A)  Lit a lightbulb by putting it in his mouth
B)  Fed a snake
C)  Shaved his head
D)  Gained fifty poiunds

BAD DAY IN RICHMOND.  So, the year was 1781, and the Revolutionary War simply would not end.  The Loyalists and the British army were frustrated because every victory they had seemed to make no difference.  The Patriots just rallied again for another day.  And the Patriots could not convince the British they did not want them there anymore.  Long story short, everyone was still in everyone's space causing sadness all around.  It was on this day that a former patriot named Benedict Arnold burned down the city of Richmond, Virginia.  Not very nice to say the least!

QUOTE:  Every post is honorable in which a man may serve his country. - George Washington

ANSWER:  C)  Shaved his head.