The Pneumatic Cleaners

QUESTION:  Regina is the capital city of which Canadian province?
A)  British Columbia
B)  Saskatchewan
C)  Namibia
D)  Ontario

It is easy for people in today's world to forget how many centuries life existed without electrified luxuries.  Not so very long ago, there was no such thing as an electric motor, an automobile, or even a common hair dryer.  Oh sure, you could install your air conditioner into the window, but you would be at a disadvantage since your air conditioner was likely a block of ice imported from Maine.  So imagine you were trying to keep your house clean and proper for your family, and your brooms kept falling apart, making more of a mess than not sweeping.  What you needed was a vacuum cleaner.  They existed, to be sure, but they may not have had an electrical outlet.  So we are happy to introduce the Regina Pneumatic Cleaner!  

The Regina Company, out of Rahway, New Jersey, was established by immigrants who hoped to make their fortune selling German music boxes to an American customer base.  They did better than that.  Shortly after making the move, back in 1892, they started making their own music boxes. Then they expanded into copying presses, player pianos and, yes, the vacuum cleaner. They began production of their vacuums right around 1910, and they made two primary types: one with electricity, one without electricity.  The one without electricity had to be hand pumped.  It was a two person job.  One person pumped, the other got the hose wherever it needed to be.  Notably, these were used well into the 1930's, since there were many rural homes across the United States that did not have electricity that recently.

Regina never got out of the vacuum business.  In fact, in 1997, Regina was bought out by Oreck.  Three years later, to the Royal Corporation.  They are still in business today, selling their vacuums under the Home Depot brand.  Pretty cool!

ANSWER:  B)  Saskatchewan.  (Namibia is a country in Africa.  Hopefully you knew that.)