Thomas the Tank Engine

QUESTION:  Who performed the duties of narrator for Thomas after Ringo retired?
A)  Alec Baldwin
B)  Ian McKellan
C)  George Carlin
D)  Patrick Stewart

Thomas the Tank Engine is definitely the train that did. He started off as one of a number of different trains honored by Reverend Wilbert Awdry for his son Christopher in a collection of children's books initially called The Railway Series back in 1946. Reverend Awdry started telling Christopher stories related to the wooden trains he played with at home.  His wife encouraged him to publish the stories.  They hired an artist named Reginald Payne to draw Thomas, using a Billinton designed 0-6-0 E2 Class locomotive as his inspiration. Described as fussy and cheeky in his first appearance in the series, Thomas proved a crowd pleaser.  The Awdry's publisher consistently requested more stories related to Thomas.

In 1984, the Thomas And Friends television program debuted, with Ringo Starr as narrator. It has effectively captured the magic of the early books such that it remains in production to this day, with numerous different celebrity voices included throughout it's over two decades. Now, Thomas merchandise is available in virtually every train museum gift shop, and you can even ride life-sized Thomas trains. In the 2015 superhero movie Ant-Man, a Thomas engine plays an important part in the climactic fight between Ant-Man and his archnemesis, Yellowjacket. He has not only entered culture as one of the most-beloved members of children's literature, but has affected us all. And you can celebrate him here at the American Treasure Tour as well. His smiling face is visible throughout the Toy Box.

ANSWER:  C)  George Carlin