Tigger - July 8, 2014

Last week, the American Treasure Tour blog devoted some time to an important celebrity whose image is spread throughout the Toy Box:  Patrick Star.  Stuffed animals play a significant role in the Toy Box:  they hang from the ceiling, sit in the antique cars, watch the tram go by from the rafters, and generally observe their surroundings from virtually every nook and cranny on the tour.  They range from famous movie stars to anonymous animals found at carnivals.  Today, we will discuss one of the most famous:  Tigger.

The world was introduced to Tigger by A.A. Milne, the English storyteller who introduced Christopher Robin, Winnie-The-Pooh and his friends to the world.  Milne's book, The House on Pooh Corner, was published in 1928, and so along came the bounciest bouncer to ever bounce into the hearts of children of all ages.  The Tigger most people know today is the one voiced by Paul Winchell in the Disney movies (until Winchell's retirement in 1999), the affable, energetic, orange and black-striped whirlwind full of optimism and self-appreciation.  And who can blame him, since he truly is a wonderful thing.

QUESTION:  In 2000, Disney Studios released a full-length film called The Tigger Movie.  Who voiced the iconic bouncer?

A)  Paul Winchell (hint:  look above before guessing this one)

B)  Jim Cummings

C)  Will Ryan

D)  Hans Conreid

Answer Below


Arguably the most famous (and well respected) of all the American-based newspapers got its start on this day in 1889.  For 125 years, The Wall Street Journal has been a resource for mostly business and economic news.  It has become the most widely-read newspaper in the country with 2.4 million copies sold.  The second largest is USA Today, with a mere 1.7 million.

July 8, 2011:  The final launch of an American Space Shuttle occurred on this day.  It was of the Atlantis.  It was in space for thirteen days, its mission to take supplies to the International Space Station.  The fourth of five shuttles to be built, Atlantis went on thirty-three missions since its first trip to outer space in 1985.  If you would like to visit Atlantis, you will need to take a trip to Florida.  She rests at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.


Every July 8th is Rockefeller day in birthday land.  Two of the prominent Americans share the day.  First, John D., the patriarch of the Rockefeller family, was born in 1839.  He became one of the wealthiest men in America through his creation of Standard Oil - quite possibly the wealthiest man in American history.  Once he obtained his fortune, he then spent much of it on humanitarian efforts around the world, including the eradication of yellow fever.

His grandson Nelson is best known for his role as the 41st Vice President of the United States. He served under Gerald Ford between 1974 and 1977.  The phrase "Rockefeller Republican" was coined in his honor denoting liberals within the traditionally conservative political party.  

QUOTE:  The secret to success is to own nothing, but to control everything. - Nelson Rockefeller

Answer:  B)  Jim Cummings.  He also currently voices Winnie-The-Pooh, and a number of other characters for Disney and a number of other studios.