'Til We Meet Again

QUESTION:  'Til We Meet Again is the inspiration for a Mexican 3-D remake called El valor de vivir. It is also a remake itself, of what film?
A)  One Way Passage (1932)
B)  Grand Hotel (1932)
C)  A Bill of Divorcement (1932)
D)  Blonde Venus (1932)

Remember way back in yesterday's blog, we were talking about Al Dubin, the man behind the song "Where Was I?"  The song was included in the film 'Til We Meet Again, which was released in 1940. The melodrama tells the story of Joan Ames, played by Merle Oberon, a terminally ill woman taking her last hurrah on a Pacific cruise.  Before leaving Hong Kong, she meets a charming man named Dan Hardesty (George Brent), who has successfully concealed his own sordid past.  A criminal with a death sentence, Dan is being taken back to the United States to receive his final sentence.  The two share a drink in port, then shatter their glasses in a moment of romantic vigor, and part ways.  On the ship, the two unexpectedly run into one another again and reignite their passion.  Drama ensues.  Dan learns of Joan's diagnosis, Joan learns of Dan's crimes and, well, you will have to see the film to find out what happens next.

The film did well enough upon its distribution; however, it did receive mixed reviews over the years.  Most recently, the famous critic Leonard Maltin gave it a review dominated by one word: overblown.  Of course, the fun of reading reviews is being able to toss them aside so that we can judge them ourselves. 

ANSWER:  A)  One Way Passage (1932)