Timex Social Club - February 10, 2014

Last Friday, we highlighted the Who's album Who Are You for the American Treasure Tour blog. Today, we would like to discuss a band whose impact on music may not have been quite as substantial as The Who, but who definitely had their moment in the sun.  The Timex Social Club had exactly one song that made the Billboard Top 100 Charts - it reached number 1 on the R&B charts in 1986.

The success of the song "Rumors," and the subsequent sales of their album Vicious Rumors, got them the coveted spot of opening band for Run D.M.C.'s Raising Hell tour that year, and they have continued to tour and perform live in concert ever since.  In fact, if you live near Berkeley, California and play your cards right, you may stumble onto one of their live shows!


The lead singer of Timex Social Club, Michael Marshall, was often confused with the singer of another popular band of the era.  It became a problem when his song "Rumors" was included in this other group's greatest hits album.  What was this other band?

a)  Arrested Development

b)  Club Nouveau

c)  Yello

d)  Kool & the Gang

e)  Johnny Paycheck

Answer Below


Jefferson Davis was a respected soldier and politician who fought in the Mexican War and represented Mississippi in the United States Senate after performing the duties of Secretary of War under President Franklin Pierce between 1853 and 1857.  He had consistently voted against southern secession from the Union, but, when it became clear that his efforts to keep the country together were to no avail, he declared his allegiance to the South.  On this date in 1861, he received a telegraph from a constitutional convention being held in Montgomery, Alabama, at which he was elected the provisional president of the new Confederate States of America.  He was regarded as a "champion of a slave society and embodied the values of the planter class."  Davis, apparently devastated at the collapse of negotiations with the Union government but prepared to accept the honor granted him, traveled to Alabama for his official inauguration eight days later.  The Civil War was right around the corner. 

Only nine years after Davis' inauguration, the YWCA was organized in New York City.  The Young Women's Christian Association set about improving the world socially and economically, as advocates of justice, education, human rights, sustainable development and general empowerment for the worlds' women.  Although technically independent from the YMCA, the male equivalent, the two organizations often work together in the effort to improve the world.


Happy birthday, Alan Hale, Sr.!  Rufus Edward Mackahan was born in 1892, and trained to be an opera singer while he was also a patented inventor, creating such things as a folding theater seat and a grease-less potato chip. Hungry for the limelight, he also performed in movies, most famously as Little John, the ironically-named right-hand man of Doulgass Fairbanks' Robin Hood in the 1922 silent film - and again in the same role in Errol Flynn's 1938 interpretation of the story.  Twelve years later, he was Little John a third time in the less-famous Rogues of Sherwood Forest..  A supporting player in over two hundred films and a director of eight, Hale performed in film for four decades, and yet his son, Alan Hale, Jr. may be his longest-lasting legacy - a virtual lookalike, Junior starred as the Skipper in the popular 1960s sitcom Gilligan's Island.


Never be haughty to the humble or humble to the haughty. - Jefferson Davis.

Answer:  b)  Club Nouveau