Tinkertown - Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hello, ATT bloggers!  This week, we have been talking about important destinations around the United States that you can visit and experience after, of course, spending time with us here at the American Treasure Tour.  If you happen to be in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, there is a very special site on the eastern side of the Sandia Mountains called Tinkertown.  They describe themselves as folk art, but we think it is a truly marvelous destination.

Ross Ward's love of whittling could have never foreshadowed what he would create.  Begun in 1962, Tinkertown took four decades to create.  Miniature circuses, western scenes, stores and sites were all created with an intricacy and sense of detail that really need to be seen to be believed.  The collection spans twenty-two rooms and is really quite amazing.  

Check it out at their website:  http://tinkertown.com/
QUESTION:  The Turquoise Trail in New Mexico links what city to Albuquerque, avoiding major highways along the eastern side of the Sandia Mountain range?
A)  Las Vegas
B)  Phoenix
C)  Santa Fe
D)  Taos

THE SPIRIT OF '76.  1976 was, of course, the bicentennial of the United States of America.  Of course, the celebrations of this great event were not the only things going on that year.  On this day, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA - unveiled the very first space shuttle - Enterprise.  It was more a prototype than anything else, since it would never reach orbit.  Still, it began a chapter in space travel that was unprecedented at the time.

BUICK.  Born today in 1854, David Dunbar Buick and his family moved from Scotland to the Detroit area when he was two.  His first post-school job was as an inventor at a plumbing company, where he created a lawn sprinkler and the technology to enamel toilets so innovative that it is still in use to this day.  But he became fascinated with the internal combustion engine, and that was pretty much for him.  Buick moved on into car production, and never looked back.  His company formed the backbone of what would become the mega-company General Motors, despite his own financial failures.  In fact, he saw his name gain international recognition while he himself fell into deep poverty.  He died at the age of 74.

ANSWER:  C)  Santa Fe - the oldest capitol city in the United States.