Towering Inferno - Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Due to popular demand, we are continuing our series of blogs dedicated to the masterworks created by Bob Omrod in his Giant World of Miniatures.  Today we honor a classic 1974 disaster film that tells the story of the tallest building in the world - standing at 138 stories - and the fire that erupts due to humans being humans.  The film, The Towering Inferno, would become the top-grossing film of its year.  It was a star studded event, with Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Jennifer Jones, Fred Astaire, William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Robert Vaughan, Richard Chamberlain, Robert Wagner, and a famed athlete just beginning a successful film career while still in professional football named O.J. Simpson.  The movie received eight nominations for Academy Awards, including Best PIcture, and won three - for Best Cinematography, Film Editing, and one for the song "We May Never Love This Way Again," performed on camera by Maureen McGovern, who earned the golden statue two years earlier for "The Morning After" from The Poseidon Adventure.

The drama and intensity of the film is reflected quite well in the Omrod piece.  Granted, the building looks nothing like the original, likely thanks to Mr. Omrod's desire for discretion in interpretation, but you certainly get the sense of the tragedy at hand.  Two towers, the west tower (or the east one, depending on whatever you like) is unharmed, while the east tower (or the west one...) is engulfed in flames.  The miniature human drama can only be surmised by those strong enough to observe it.  We would like to encourage our viewers, though.  No miniature people were harmed in the making of this exhibit.
QUESTION:  For the first time ever, The Towering Inferno got two competing film studios working together for a film production.  Which two were they?
A)  20th Century Fox and United Artists
B)  MGM and Universal
C)  MGM and Warner Brothers
D)  Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox

HURRAY FOR MEN!  On this day in 1915, the House of Representatives of the United States of America took a vote to determine whether it was time for women to gain the right to vote. This is something many women considered important.  In a land where "taxation without representation" was considered important enough to cause a fight and sever ties with the Great Britain, no irony could be lost on the fact that about half the entire population was ineligible to vote solely because they happened to not be born men.  Today, the majority of the House of Representatives decided to uphold this omission, little knowing it would be only five more years before a constitutional amendment would be passed forcing men to concede. Of course, the first president women would help vote into office was Warren Harding.  Oh well, nobody is perfect.

CELEBRATE DIVERSITY.  Today is the birthday of James L. Farmer, Jr..  Born in 1920 in Marshall, Texas, Farmer would stand beside Martin Luther King, Jr. in the (pacifist) war on racism in the Untied States.  In fact, he was a co-founder of CORE - the Congress of Racial Equality - which espoused nonviolent action to support African Americans and their struggle to obtain fair treatment.

QUOTE:  Evil societies always kill their consciences. - James L. Farmer, Jr.

ANSWER:  D)  Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox.  Honestly, that could not have been more obvious.  Or less obvious, depending on where you're coming from.