Toy Box Movies, pt. 2 - Thursday, April 23, 2015

We are going to approach our discussion of the new movie poster additions to the Toy Box in a logical way - based on which ones have been put on display next to which other ones.  Today we have what many people consider a classic:  the 1968 crime/action/drama Bullitt, starring Steve McQueen as the San Francisco Police Department Lieutenant Frank Bullitt, responsible for protecting a mob informant before his testimony against his former bosses.  Things go bad, people are shot, some of them die, and Bullitt gets angry.

The film won an Academy Award for its film editing, and was a huge box office success, largely because of the popularity of its star and because of the now-legendary car chases that dominated the movie.  Brand new Ford Mustang GT's tore through the streets of San Francisco (It looks to me like the film was sped up to make the cars appear like they were going faster than they really were.  Discuss.)  Regardless, this remains a fan favorite to this day.
QUESTION:  The producer of Bullitt, Philip D'Antoni, is also associated with another film famous for its car race.  What 1971 movie is it?
A)  The Seven-Ups
B)  The French Connection
C)  The Dead Pool
D)  The Parallax View

TAKE A STAND.  One thing it is safe to say about the Vietnam War is that it inspired controversy.  In 1968, draft-age youths were generally the most outspokenly opposed group to the continuation of the war.  On this day, a group of students enrolled at Columbia University in New York City actually took over the administrative buildings on campus and shut the Ivy League school down. They were protesting Columbia's involvement in a think-tank established to help the war effort, and the construction of a segregated gymnasium nearby.  Although the students eventually won, they did so at a cost.  The police used tear gas and violence to break up protests that extended over a two-month period and arrested a number of students.

CRYING.  Today we celebrate the birth and life of a great American singer:  Roy Orbison.  Born in Vernon, TX in 1936, his family knew hardship.  With unemployed parents during the Great Depression, life was hardly easy for Roy and his siblings - all of whom were born with poor eyesight.  Roy also had near-white hair, which made him so self-conscious he dyed it black.  He also had a gift for music.  By seven, he was playing guitar and he was singing before high school.  We need not tell you he became famous.  With songs like "Oh, Pretty Woman" and "Crying," Orbison has definitely left his mark.  Unfortunately, he left us too soon, passing away in 1988 at only 52 years old.

QUOTE:  I may be a living legend, but that sure don't help when I've got to change a flat tire. - Roy Orbison

ANSWER:  B)  The French Connection