Toy Box Movies, pt. 3 - Friday, April 24, 2015

The next new movie poster we're going to talk about is the 1986 comedy Wise Guys.  From the title, you will likely guess the story is about mobsters.  You will be right.  It stars Danny Devito and Joe Piscopo (remember him?) as lackies for the New Jersey mob.  Their responsibilities include feeding the boss' goldfish and running errands.  Until they accidentally bet on the wrong horse during a fixed race.  Wackiness ensues.  The film received mixed reviews upon release, and has been largely forgotten since then.  We are just glad to have the poster hanging as a constant reminder for all the Joe Piscopo fans out there of his charms.

Coincidentally, we recently celebrated the birthday of Patti LuPone, who happens to star in Wise Guys along with a number of other familiar faces.  Alongside Devite, Piscopo and LuPone, you will see younger versions of Harvey Keitel, Dan Hedaya, Lou Albano, and Ray Sharkey.
QUESTION:  This film was directed by Brian DePalma.  Which of the following films did he NOT direct?
A)  Scarface
B)  The Untouchables
C)  Mission: Impossible
D)  Mission: Impossible 2

IT SCRAPES THE SKY!  The twentieth century was a time of great innovation in technology.  In fact, the changes that took place across the world are almost impossible for people in the twenty-first century to fathom.  For one, the skylines of larger towns and cities completely changed.  They went up.  The development of skyscrapers can be accredited more to two things than any others:  massive quantities of steel produced, and elevators.  On this day in 1913, New York City's Woolworth Building - the tallest structure made by man at the time.  It held onto the title for seventeen years.

75 YEARS YOUNG!  Today we celebrate the birth of a woman who would become an amazingly successful mystery author.  Writing her first novel at 22, but finding little success in that field, Sue Grafton turned to screenplays.  Writing for television for fifteen years provided Ms. Grafton with experience enough that she returned to writing novels.  A bitter divorce inspired her to write of murder (much safer than executing murders), and in 1982 she wrote "'A' is for Alibi."  She has gone through the alphabet since then, publishing "'W' is for Wasted" two years ago.  We're waiting....

QUOTE:  Ideas are easy.  It's the execution of ideas that separates the sheep from the goats. - Sue Grafton

ANSWER:  D)  Mission:  Impossible 2.  That was directed by John Woo.