Toy Box Movies, pt. 8 - Friday, May 1, 2015

As we enter a new month, the American Treasure Tour blog is going to continue our exploration of the new movie posters recently put on display in the Toy Box.  Time has been very kind to some of these movies - with both critical and popular success - while others cannot claim the same, sadly.  Today's movie falls into the latter category.

Shadow Conspiracy, the final film of director George P. Cosmatos (also known for Tombstone, Cobra, and Rambo: First Blood Part II), was released in 1997.  It is a political thriller, starring Donald Sutherland as the White House Chief of Staff with higher ambitions, and Charlie Sheen as a presidential aide determined to stop him.  The film not only received poor reviews from the critics, but on the popular website Rotten Tomatoes, it received a wopping 0% rating.  But don't let that deter you from checking it out.  It's Charlie Sheen as a good guy!  That alone should inspire some interest!
QUESTION:  What famous author made an appearance as a congressman in Shadow Conspiracy?
A)  Gore Vidal
B)  Truman Capote
C)  Kurt Vonnegut
D)  John Steinbeck

WHERE MOVIES ARE MADE.  Everyone in the United States - and most people around the world - have heard of Hollywood, California.  Movie studios popped up all around Southern California, but they also emerged elsewhere around the country.  One of the newer movie studios was constructed in Central Florida - at Walt Disney World.  Disney-MGM opened their studio/theme park on this day in 1989.  Now, it's known as Disney's Hollywood Studios.

GOD BLESS KATE SMITH.  Yes, we celebrate the birth of the famous "Songbird of the South" today.  Born in Greenville, Virginia in 1907, Kate Smith began her singing career in 1930.  A full-figured woman, Smith herself felt stardom would never come to her due to her size, but her fear was dispelled when people heard her voice and fell in love with it.  In 1940, she sang an Irving Berlin song that helped remind Americans of the greatness of their country:  "God Bless America," and the rest is history.

QUOTE:  It's up to the audience.  It always has been.  - Kate Smith

ANSWER:  A)  Gore Vidal

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