Tuesday at the Turntable

We all love music of one style or another. It gets us going when we need a little kick, it makes us feel better when we're down, and it can relax us after a day full of high intensity rounds of croquette.  Whatever brings us to turn on our turntable, jukebox, MP3 player, 8-track cassette, or band organ, we got there there and now we're ready to get in the zone.

Macho Man.jpg

The American Treasure Tour has all sorts of music for you to enjoy: ragtime, show tunes, rock, pop, country and western, classical, and of course circus music. Today, we want to remind you of a musical genre that isn't nearly as popular today as it was a short forty years ago.  We're talking, of course, about disco.

Here is a track off The Village People's classic 1978 disco album Macho Man - the title track, which peaked on the Billboard Top 100 at #25 - displayed on our record wall right below our Hank Williams record!