Tunes on Tuesday

The Treasure Tour is chock full of tunes - paper rolls, sheet music, record albums, 8-track cassettes - you name it, we have something about it.  One thing all of these different forms of recording music reminds us of is just how things change over time.  Technology has evolved so dramatically that we no longer need to store our music in big paper rolls.  Now, we don't really need any kind of individual storage devices, because we can keep it in invisible "clouds" in the ether (which, of course, go back to giant facilities somewhere out of sight to most of us). Digital technology is nice and everything, but it means you don't really have anything to hold.

Record Wall.JPG

A record album is tangible - the average 33-1/3 r.p.m. album is 11-23/32", almost a foot!  Not only does that fill your hands, but it comes with often impressive artwork (equally often, cheesy and forced poses by members of the band that recorded the music). Even audiocassettes are about four inches long, two-and-a-half inches high.  Not quite as dramatic as a record, but still something. Digital music might be stored in a flash drive shaped like your favorite cartoon character (Minions are pretty cool). Anyway, we love music in all its forms, and invite you to come experience ours, in all its shapes and formats.