USS Moore - Friday, September 11, 2015

The American Treasure Tour blog would love to make special call-outs to each of the groups who visit us - we get many coach buses pulling up in front of our doors filled with veterans and other guests who have made extremely important contributions to our country.  Yesterday and today, we have the unusual luxury of announcing veteran groups who shared service on specific ships in our naval fleet.  Yesterday it was the USS Beatty.  Today, it is the USS Moore.  The Moore (DE-240) was an Edsall-class Destroyer, commissioned in 1942 and named after Fred Kenneth Moore, who served on the USS Arizona during the attack at Pearl Harbor and gave his life manning antiaircraft gun number 1 on the ship.  His mother sponsored the ship in his honor.

Built at the Brown Shipbuilding Company docks near Houston, Texas, the ship saw service during World War II in the Atlantic theater, protecting convoys against u-boats and other Axis warships.  After the surrender of Germany, she headed to the Pacific, just in time for Japan to surrender.  Fortunately, she saw very little action after that, but remained in service with the Atlantic Reserve Fleet until she was removed from the Navy List and effectively deactivated in 1973.  She was sunk off the coast of Virginia as a target for training two years later.  As with all the ships of the U.S. Navy, the Moore was little more than a metal vessel used to defend America from aggressive enemies.  The people on board the ship is what made her special, and we at the American Treasure Tour would like to thank them - and all other active or retired veterans - for their service.
QUESTION:  What is the longest vessel in the U.S. Navy?
A)  USS Enterprise
B)  USS Moore
C)  USS Yorktown
D)  USS New Jersey

SEPTEMBER 11.  While this date has become synonymous for a tragic attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in the year 2001, the day is important for many significant historical events as well.  For one, in 1775, this was the day the fateful Canada mission led by then-patriot Benedict Arnold left Cambridge, Massachusetts for Quebec.  This is a fascinating story, and we recommend learning more about it if you are unfamiliar with his adventure.  Two years later, the Battle of Brandywine left a defeated George Washington and his troops disparaged and desperate for a victory.  And those are only two examples before the United States was technically its own country!

BUDDY.  Turning 53 today is the actress best known for her work as a teenager during the 1980s, Kristy McNichol.  She played "Buddy" in the drama series Family for five seasons, which led to rolls in popular films as well as other television programs.  She acted for 24 years before retiring so that she could focus on teaching and charity work.

QUOTE:  I didn't live the life of a child.  I lived the life of a 30 year-old. - Kristy McNchol

ANSWER:  USS Enterprise.  It is also the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier created for the US Navy, in 1962.