Valentine Gift (Belated) - February 16, 2015

When visitors set up a specific time to visit us, the American Treasure Tour staff is never late. We mention that here because, when it comes to acknowledging holidays, we are not quite so diligent.  That's because we are usually so busy celebrating them that our blog entries come out late.  To compensate for that, we are happy to present to you three of the weirder ads that we have hanging on our wall in the Toy Box.  Next time you come by, try to find them.  We will give you a hint: they're located near where visitors get on the tram to begin your adventure.

So, you thought that flowers, chocolates or a romantic dinner was the way to go for a solid Valentine's Day gift?  Too late to change it this year - but maybe next year you will know better.  Give your special someone a new savings account.  It might be nice to start it with some money, too. Maybe a nickel?  And how better to honor the Founding Fathers than to open your own account.  Nevermind romance or patriotism, though.  If you love your babies, get them their own account now, too!

Okay, this last bit of advice is actually pretty sound.  In fact, we would guess you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who would consider it foolish for families on tight budgets to buy diapers for their babies when they could instead secure their money in a savings account!  Especially with the way college tuition is rising.  Little Elbert is going to need a lot of nickels if he hopes to go to Yale when he is of age - and you pretty much need to be a Yale graduate if you hope to become president!  (That is, of course, not true, although Yale does provide an excellent education, we're told.)

QUESTION:  In which of the following countries was the first savings bank established?
A)  Germany
B)  England
C)  France
D)  Switzerland

THE FAMILY THAT CREATES TOGETHER...  The Dutch Studebaker family emigrated to the United States even before the separation from England, and started migrating west.  There were five Studebaker brothers living in South Bend, Indiana, when they decided to go into business for themselves.  In fact, it was February 16th, 1852, that they established the Studebaker Brothers wagon company.  The company went through some changes over the years, what with producing cars in the 20th century and everything, and stayed afloat until 1967.  They were unable to compete with the "Big 3" automobile producers - Ford, GM and Chrysler - and none of their efforts to survive proved effective.  But, to those five Studebakers way back in 1852, this end was way too far in the future to anticipate.

BEAV'S DAD!  Happy birthday, Hugh Beaumont!  Born today in 1909, Beaumont's acting career started in theater, as did those of many aspiring film actors.  He reached the big screen in 1940, and created an impressive resume prior to his becoming an icon of family values on Leave It to Beaver as Ward Cleaver, loving and beloved dad.  He later admitted that he was so convincing as Beaver's dad that it made work after the series difficult to get, but we are happy you were there to inspire our parents when we were kids!

QUOTE:  An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. - Benjamin Franklin

ANSWER:  All or none of the above.  It was a trick question.  Every one of those countries claims to have started the institution, designed to help poor people save their money.  The idea of a savings bank dates as early as the end of the 17th century, but no definitive evidence exists that supports where the first one started.