Wacky Wednesday

Lions and Tigers.jpg

Lions, Tigers and ... what?  Among the many things humans cannot live without, other animals are right up there with trees and oxygen.  Okay, we at the American Treasure Tour begrudgingly admit that we don't actually have living and breathing animals in our collection, but we try to pretend we do!  Considering that we live in our own escapist fantasyland here, that's not too difficult for us to do.  When you take our tram ride through the Toy Box, one thing you will see is a life-sized menagerie, including lions, tigers, and other mammals.  Oh my.

In fact, we encourage our guests to embrace the quote from The Wizard of Oz when coming on the Treasure Tour and yell "Oh my!" when we address our menagerie.  Of course, if you're a literary nerd, we're sure you can find an appropriate Tennessee Williams line from his 1944 play The Glass Menagerie. After all, "Time is the longest distance between two places."  Whatever that means....