Wanda Jackson - Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Yesterday, we returned to a favorite blog subject - looking at the stories behind the record albums displayed on the Music Room wall.  There is, truth be told, a lot of country music hanging there, and today we will examine the career of the "Queen of Rockabilly" - Wanda Jackson.  Born in 1937 in the small central Oklahoma town of Maud, Jackson's talent was evident at a very young age and already sang professionally before she graduated high school, after which she started touring with her dad as her manager and her mom creating her outfits.  She briefly traveled with Elvis Presley, the two dating for a while.  By 1960, Jackson was a major talent, headlining concerts around the country and, soon enough, the world.  She is still singing at the age of 78.

Her album Sings Country Songs was released in 1965 less than eight months after her album Blues in My Heart.  It includes music written by Hank Mills, Helen Carter, Ned Miller, and Jackson herself, including "Kickin' Our Hearts Around," "Slippin'," and "Take Me Home."  Although the album never ranked in the United States country music charts, it reveals a relaxed, confident Jackson willing to take some risks with her music. Sadly, it has never been released on compact disc, as far as we can tell.
QUESTION:  What is Wanda Jackson's middle name?
A)  Elvis
B)  Marie
C)  Lavonne
D)  Anna

DRINK FREE!  Not "drinks for free," but "free from drinking."  The first Prohibition law in the United States was enacted in Tennessee on this day in 1838.  It may prove difficult today to realize just how devastating the impact alcohol once had on the American family.  Excessive use of alcohol could financially ruin families, not to mention its emotional toll.  At a time when it was deemed socially unacceptable for women to work in most areas, the fate of a whole family could be steered by what was in a bottle.  So, making alcohol illegal was one way people tried to improve the situation.  No historic spoilers here as to how that worked out!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUTCH!  Yes, it's a very special day here at the American Treasure Tour, because we get to celebrate the birth of one of our favorite actors and philanthropists - Mr. Paul Newman (insert cheers here)!  Born in 1925, Newman's resume is too long and impressive to get into in our little birthday segment here, so if you're interested in learning about this extremely gifted man, dig deep.  He made a difference!

QUOTE:  The embarrassing thing is that my salad dressing is outgrossing my films. - Paul Newman

ANSWER:  C)  Lavonne