Warrant - "Cherry Pie"

QUESTION:  How many studio albums did Warrant record between 1990 and 2011?
A)  2
B)  7
C)  8
D)  9

The American Treasure Tour blog will warrant that most of our readers never expected we would dedicate an entry to the "Sunset Strip" glam rock (easily confused with heavy metal) band Warrant.  Well, admittedly, they would likely not be the number one choice of music for many of our visitors, but they have definitely made an impact on the music world. Formed in Hollywood, California in 1984, their debut album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich did extremely well critically and commercially. Their second album Cherry Pie is the subject of today's blog, though, because it is proudly displayed alongside the many other vinyl records in the Music Room here at the tour.

Skeptics figured that Warrant would not repeat the success of Dirty Rotten...  with their sophomore effort, but 1990's Cherry Pie proved to be even more popular.  Along with the well-known title track, it garnered the band three more hits and reached number 7 on the Billboard charts. One can guess that part of its appeal was the inclusion of a parental advisory sticker warning parents that the album was unsuitable for young listeners thanks to a song called Ode to Tipper Gore.  Laced with profanity, the song was a reaction to the then-highly publicized debate about music censorship.  

Like virtually every rock band, Warrant has had its ups and downs.  Lead singer Jani Lane left the band under a cloud, prior to his unexpected death at the age of 47 due to acute alcohol poisoning.  His replacement, Robert Mason, played on their most recent album, 2011's Rockaholic. Mason has since departed the band as well, but the music keeps going on!

ANSWER:  B)  7 - Their first album was released in 1989, so they recorded a total of 8 (so far)