Warwick Chandelier

QUESTION:  Which of the following cities does not have a hotel named the Warwick located within its borders?
A)  Seattle
B)  Denver
C)  Chicago
D)  Portland

The American Treasure Tour is home to countless wonderful items that include classic cars, automatic music machines, one-of-a-kind signs and, of course, a chandelier.  The chandelier is suspended in the entry hall to the tour and impossible to miss if you use our elevator or stairs to access the tour. (If you do miss it, let us know how you got up to the collection, since you likely broke a few laws to get there!)  It is a beautiful piece, approximately ten feet tall and covered in crystal.  The chandelier was purchased from Philadelphia's own Warwick Hotel, located just off Rittenhouse Square at 220 South 17th Street.  The hotel was built in 1926 in the English Renaissance style of architecture during an exciting, if a little strange, time in American history.  The 18th Amendment to the Constitution forbade the production, transportation and sale of alcohol in the United States, although that never really stopped people from obtaining the now-illegal beverages.  Guests at high-end restaurants like the Warwick almost certainly got whatever they wanted.

The Warwick was an exclusive hotel for eighty years, famous for hosting such luminaries as Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner during their 1951 honeymoon, as well as Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower, Jack Benny, and Muhammad Ali.  The Radisson chain purchased it in 2001, five years later deciding to convert a number of their rooms into condominiums. They never had the chance to advertise their 109 residences because the interest was so immediate and so intense.  The excellent location and the elegant environment guaranteed their popularity.

This transition into condos and hotel rooms inspired a major renovation of the entire hotel, notably in the public spaces. The grand crystal chandelier that dominated the lobby was removed to compliment a new and more modern interior. That's where the American Treasure Tour comes in.  We got the chandelier, which now dominates our entrance space, so don't forget to look up as you walk through our doors!

ANSWER:  D)  Portland.  Neither the one in Maine or the one in Oregon have a major hotel named the Warwick.