Wild West City

QUESTION:  In 1783, what was considered the "wild west" by the young United States?
A)  Ohio
B)  Kansas
C)  Colorado
D)  California

One of the great things about living in the Greater Metropolitan Philadelphia area is its proximity to many, many worthwhile destinations.  Of course, we all agree that there is nothing like the American Treasure Tour out there, and that we should be considered the number one destination for people wanting to have a fun adventure for the whole family. But if you just visited us for your seventh time and want to be outdoors, we are happy to recommend Wild West City in Stanhope, New Jersey (not to be confused with Wild West City, which is located in Union, Illinois, which looks like a lot of fun, but a much farther drive from the tri-state area).

Wild West City opened their doors in 1957 and, for almost sixty years, has entertained people of all ages looking for a little slice of what it might have been like in the old west as depicted in the movies.  Gunfights, stagecoach hold-ups, and of course good old fashioned lasso shows! There are plenty of activities for kids, too, including panning for gold, mini-golf and a darn tootin' petting zoo!  So, an idea for the perfect weekend - come to the American Treasure Tour on Saturday, then swing north and east to Wild West City on Sunday. Just be aware that, while we are open year round, they are a seasonal destination. I guess bank robberies slow down with a foot of snow on the ground!

ANSWER:  A)  Ohio.  The frontier of their civilization would have been west of the Appalachian Mountains.  Few American settlers lived in that region without fear of Indian attacks, and it would be a few years before Ohio became the seventeenth state (1803 unofficially, 1953 officially, but that's another story for another time).