Windmill Spoon

QUESTION:  Alongside windmills, Holland has close associations with three of the four following items.  Which one does not belong?
A)  Wooden shoes
B)  Tulips
C)  Cheese
D)  Dams

Recently, we have explored the souvenir spoons displayed in the Toy Box.  Today's spoon is pretty cool, really.  It has a windmill at the top, which is a perfect association with Holland. But the best part of it is its four sail, which are designed to move when you handle them.  Of course, the windmill is closely associated with Holland, which is a region of the country of the Netherlands.  (Free advice: if you travel to the Netherlands, do not refer to the entire country as Holland - especially if you're in a different region.  The locals don't much care for that.)

Practically at the level of the sea, even the slightest rise in the tidal waters could cause damage throughout the seafront communities of Holland.  The year 1421 brought a series of deadly and destructive floods - over seventy separate villages were simply washed away, and thousands of people died.  That is when walls were built to separate the sea from the land, and windmills sprouted up all along the landscape to drain wetlands and avoid flooding.  Wind power improved the quality of life for people throughout the region, and became useful for many different purposes.  By the beginning of the 1800's, nine thousand windmills dotted the countryside and urban centers.  So you see - the association between Holland and the windmill is long-earned and well-deserved.  Should you have the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands and see the beauty of these clever machines, make sure to pick up a souvenir spoon of your own - and make sure the sails move.  Because really, that's the best thing right there.

ANSWER:  D)  Dams.  Holland is known more for their dikes, which separates water from land, while dams retain water.