Windshield Wipers - Part 1

QUESTION:  What major motion picture tells the story of the intermittent windshield wiper?
A)  Tucker, A Man and His Dream
B)  Flash of Genius
C)  Horatio's Drive
D)  Rush (2013)

Every road-worthy automobile has them, although most drivers take them for granted.  In fact, there is a lot about the development of the modern automobile that modern drivers take for granted.  Just about one century ago, cars were loud, clunky, smelly, and not the sort of thing you would have necessarily pulled out of the garage on a rainy or snowy day.  One cold day in 1903, a woman named Mary Anderson was visiting New York City, hoping to see the sites.  She got onto an electric trolley car, but quickly became distracted by the falling snow sticking to the windshield.  The driver of the trolley would reach around the glass and wipe the snow away with his sleeve.  Or he would stick his face out the side of the trolley so he could actually see where he was going.  She thought there must be a better way.  

Home in Alabama, Anderson kept on thinking.  And she got to doing.  She created a device that had a wood and rubber arm on one side and a handle and knob on the other.  The driver would manually move the wiper back and forth to clear the windshield on the other side.  He was protected from the elements, while still keeping his view unobstructed. She proceeded to patent her invention and take it to different companies to try to merchandise it.  Unfortunately, they did not share her clear vision of its need.  They said no one was crazy enough to drive in the winter except for people who deserved to get their sleeves and their faces wet.  So Mary Anderson, the innovator behind the first windshield wiper, never made any money off of it. Once the patent expired, they started to see the wisdom of her ways, though.  Funny how that works.

ANSWER:  B)  Flash of Genius.  But all four films deal with automobiles in one manner or another, and all are excellent films.  We highly recommend them all.