Windshield Wipers - Part 2

QUESTION:  Based on the Thoroughly Reviewed website, which company provides the best windshield wipers on the market?
A)  Rain-X
B)  Bosch
D)  Valeo

Way back on Monday, we told the story of a visionary woman who invented the first manual windshield wiper ever attempted to be placed on the market.  Today, we would like to acknowledge another ambitious woman whose ideas were similar to Miss Anderson, but taken one step farther.  Her name was Charlotte Bridgwood.  It may come as a surprise to many that she was an actress before she was an inventor.  Performing on the stage under the nom-de-plum Lotta Lawrence, Bridgwood also happened to be the mother of Florence Lawrence, who would become famous as the first movie star.  But we have already told that story on the American Treasure Tour blog.

Charlotte Bridgwood loved to tinker, and she came up with three automotive innovations that would make many people quite successful in the years to come.  Unfortunately, she would not be one of them, due to poorly-completed patent applications.  Bridgwood developed technology for automotive turn signals, a de-fogging mechanism for glass that she offered to the United States military during World War I and, most notably for our blogging purposes today, the first motorized automatic windshield wipers, which she called the Electric Storm Windshield Cleaners.  Unfortunately, her story is similar to Mary Anderson in regard to its outcome.  But it proved to be a major innovation and something considered essential on cars around the world today.

ANSWER:  A)  Rain-X, although there is some debate as to whether one company provides improvements substantially superior to another at any given time.  Still, the Rain- X-5079281-1-Latitude-Wiper-Blade is their blade of choice.