Wonky Wednesday

So much to do here at the American Treasure Tour.  So much to see.  And did we mention that we will be expanding our General Admission hours soon?  Back in August, we expanded from just being open to visit on Saturdays to Thursdays and Fridays as well.  In the very near future, you will be able to visit us on Sundays, too.  Keep checking in with our website or on Facebook.  We're very excited to make it easier for you to come share what we got.  And what we got is a whole world of cool stuff, brought together under one massive roof - and we're not exaggerating when we say it's massive. The complex in which we're located has somewhere around twenty-three acres of roof going on - and one full time roofer.


Which reminds us.  Have you heard about the dog with the amazing talent - it could speak English! Its owner went to show it off. He took it to a talent agency and explained its gift.
The owner asked the dog to tell him what was on the top of his house.
"Ruff" said the dog.
Then the owner asked the dog what texture sandpaper had.
"Ruff" said the dog.
The owner then asked who the best baseball player of all time was. 
The dog said "Ruff."
The talent agent threw both of them out on the street and the owner criticized the dog for not impressing the agent better.
The dog responded with, "What, you wanted me to say Ty Cobb?"