Wurlitzer Music - Monday, March 2, 2015

There are SO MANY cool things here at the American Treasure Tour, it's always a challenge to determine what we think are the coolest pieces in the collection.  There is no need to play favorites, of course, but it can be fun.  Today, we are going to talk about one of our very favorite neon signs located on the tour, and that is a fairly rare sign advertising Wurlitzer Music.  

Unfortunately, we don't know the specifics about the history of the sign we have on display in our Music Room, but we do know that the Wurlitzer Company was founded in 1853 by German immigrant Rudolph Wurlitzer and that neon was first harnessed in 1910.  1933, Wurlitzer introduced their first phonograph, a word they used interchangeably with their jukebox.  So, we know that our sign is no older than that, but there are still more mysteries we hope to answer soon.
QUESTION:  Which of Rudolph's sons would become most closely associated with the factory in North Tonawanda, NY?
A)  Percival
B)  Farny
C)  Howard
D)  Rudolph, Jr.

HURRY, HAYES!  Back before the 20th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed in 1933, the presidential inauguration occurred every fourth year on March 4th.  Does it matter that Inauguration Day was so late?  The short answer is yes, very much.  Because the election between Rutherford Hayes and Samuel Tilden was SO CLOSE in 1876, that it wasn't decided in favor of Mr. Hayes with a bargain that included pulling the military out of the south, ending Reconstruction.  Anyway, the drama ended today in 1877, four full months after the vote took place and two days before the inauguration.

SINGING ON A PRAYER.  One of the proud members of the American Treasure Tour family has a professional connection with today's birthday boy, John Francis Bogiovi, Jr. - or Jon Bon Jovi.  Perth Amboy, New Jersey's native son.  Yes, Val, one of our illustrious guides and the head of our Marketing Department, once had to deal directly with Mr. Bon Jovi in the course of her work for a company that, we're sure, wasn't as fun as the American Treasure Tour.  If you're reading this Jon, happy birthday, and come take a tour with us.  We are sure you'll love the tour!

QUOTE:  Success is falling nine times and getting up ten. - Jon Bon Jovi

ANSWER:  B)  Farny.  If you got Farny, we commend you on your knowledge of the Wurlitzer clan.  Hopefully, you've been reading our blog for a while, too, because we went into some depth about each of the brothers who survived into adulthood there.  (Poor Percival passed away within a year of his birth.)