QUESTION:  January 1st of which year was technically the beginning of the new millennium?
A)  1900
B)  1901
C)  2000
D)  2001

In the Giant World of Miniatures created by Royersford-based artist Bob Omrod is a news stand celebrating the coming of the new millennium. The American Treasure Tour blog loves talking about the pieces that Mr. Omrod brought to the tour, and how can we not acknowledge something as life-altering as the Y2K crisis.  The news stand Mr. Omrod included in his display celebrates the year 2000.  It was a big deal when the clocks changed from 1999 to 2000 because people didn't know whether it would cause computers to register 1900 versus 2000, which could have caused many problems throughout the world.  They called it the "Y2K Bug," and some people were not celebrating.  Of course, the problems were either rectified in time, or simply over-exaggerated. Regardless, the world has continued to this day and we continue to simultaneously thank and curse our computers.  

The replica newsstand represents an iconic destination in towns and cities across the world, a place where you can obtain important news, magazines, candy and drinks.  Okay, the magazines, candy and drink may not be important, but the news may be important. It is difficult to find a precise date to determine when the first newsstands were built, but we suspect it was after the development of the printing press, since the printed word would have been prohibitively expense to mass produce prior to that.  So let's say the first newsstand dates to "post-1440s" and leave it at that for now.  

ANSWER:  D) 2001