Guess in which city the first YMCA on the north American continent was established.
a.  Montreal   b.  Toronto   c. Buffalo

Guess which city housed the very first YMCA in 1844?
a.  Rome   b. London  c.  Vienna
answers below

OK, you KNEW this was coming ...

The North American City that held the first YMCA on the continent was a. Montreal.  The YMCA was founded in the city of b. London.  On this date in 1851 the Montreal YMCA was established.

•Basketball and volleyball were invented by YMCA employees.
•In the 1920's the YMCA organization was shut down in the Soviet Union and was not welcomed back until the 1990's.
•The YMCA sued the Village People for copyright infringement but the case was eventually dropped.
•The term "bodybuilding" was made by a person working as a trainer for the YMCA in 1881.

Today's Birthday Pick:  Professional Golfer and Golf Course Architect  Tom Kite, born on this date in 1949.

Norman Joseph Woodland, co-creator of the barcode died on this date in 2012.

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Dyed in the Wool.

Dyed in the Wool.

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