Yosemite Sam

QUESTION:  What real-life member of the Warner Brothers staff inspired the personality of Yosemite Sam?
A)  Friz Freleng
B)  Chuck Jones
C)  Mel Blanc
D)  Tex Avery

In the animated world, no better advice can be offered than this: avoid a confrontation with Bugs Bunny.  You will almost certainly lose.  That guy is brutal!  Look at mild-mannered hunter Elmer J. Fudd.  Poor Elmer went up against Bugs numerous times between 1937 and 1961, and only won the day a small handful of times.  Another of Bugs' foils was Yosemite Sam.  Quite the opposite of Fudd in demeanor, the short but excessively brash Sam was outspoken and foolhardy.  His rage often got him into trouble and yet he never gave up, regardless of whether Bugs confronted him in Sam's natural western habitat, on a pirate ship, in prison, during Roman times, on a desert island, or as Vikings.

Sam's first appearance was in Hare Trigger, a cartoon short from 1945 that takes place on a train, with pint-sized Sam threatening Bugs on the mail car.  We don't want to tell you what happens, let's just say Bugs definitively defeats and humiliates Sam.  Okay, I guess we just told you.  But it's the way it happens that makes it fun.  Stuffed and animated representations of Yosemite Sam are displayed in the Toy Box.  Keep an eye out for him, else he might mistake you for a varmint! 

ANSWER:  A)  Friz Freleng, the creator of the character.  Although he denied any similarity between himself and the character during interviews, his co-workers and his own daughter confirmed it.