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March 17th

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On this date in history:  1973
Pulitzer Prize winning photograph, Burst of Joy was taken depicting a prisoner of war being reunited with his family.

The photograph Burst of Joy. From left to right, Lt. Col. Robert L. Stirm, 
Lorrie Stirm, Bo Stirm, Cindy Stirm, Loretta Stirm, and Roger Stirm.
(© Slava Veder / Associated Press) source Wikipedia

From Wikipedia:  Despite outward appearances, the reunion was an unhappy one for Stirm. Three days before he arrived in the United States, the same day he was released from captivity, Stirm received a Dear John letter from his wife Loretta informing him that their relationship was over. In 1974 the Stirms divorced and Loretta remarried. All of the family members depicted in the picture received copies of it after Burst of Joy was announced as the winner of the Pulitzer Prize. They all display it prominently in their homes, except the Stirm patriarch, who says he cannot bear to look at it.[5]

Today's Cliche:  JUMP FOR JOY

Today is:  Saint Patrick's Day

Birthday Pick:  1936  Ken Mattingly
American astronaut who was supposed to fly on Apollo 13 but was grounded due to concerns about a potential illness which he did not contract.  He later flew as command module pilot for Apollo 16 and became one of only 24 American's who made it to the moon.

Died on this Date:  2010
Alex Chilton
Founding member of the Box Tops

Song for the Day:  The Letter by the Box Tops



American Treasure Tour Trivia Blog

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Died on this Date:  1999
American Film Director Stanley Kubrick

Which of the following movies did Kubrick NOT direct?
a. Ben-Hur
b. 2001: A Space Odyssey 
c. Spartacus 
*answer at bottom of post

Born on this Date:  1934
Willard Scott

From which university did Willard Scott graduate?
a.  Rutgers
b.  Indiana
c.  American
**answer at bottom of post

Scott received a degree in?
a.  English
b.  Philosophy and Religion
c.  Chemistry
***answer at bottom of post

Cliche for the Day:


*a. Ben-Hur
**c.  American
***b. Philosophy & Religion
Happy Birthday NY

Hall of Fame For Great Americans

American Treasure Tour Trivia Blog

On this Date in History:  1900
The Hall of Fame for Great Americans opened at the Bronx Community College, in the Bronx, NYC.

Bust of Edwin Booth at the Hall of Fame of Great Americans.

Who was Edwin Booth?
a. actor and brother of John Wilkes Booth
b. Founder of the Bronx Community College
c. Vice President of the United States under Andrew Jackson.
*answer at bottom of post

Died on this Date:  1982
Actor/Comedian/Musician John Belushi

What nationality were both of John's parents?
a.  Hungarian
b.  German
c.  Albanian
**answer at the bottom of post

Today's Cliche:


a. actor and brother of John Wilkes Booth
c. Albanian

American Treasure: Walter Lippmann

Walter Lippmann was a New Yorker, a writer, reporter and political commentator in the early to mid 20th century. He pointed out inaccuracies in the news reporting and spoke out against censorship. Lippmann's articles and books often touched on tensions of modern America, between politics, liberty, and news.

Lippmann was the first to use the term "Cold War," and later coined the word "stereotype" as it is used today. His Catchphrase "Manufacture of Consent." has been used over again in literary works by great thinkers of the next generation. He published several books in addition to writing his syndicated newspaper column, "Today and Tomorrow," for which he was twice awarded the Pulitzer Prize (1958 and 1962). 

Young American Treasure: Vinnie Ream

Vinnie Ream was the first woman, and the youngest artist ever to receive a commission from the United States Government. At the age of 18 in 1866, she was awarded the commission of a full size marble statue of President Lincoln which still stands in the Capitol Building.
Vinnie was from a Pennsylvania Dutch family who emigrated from Germany to central Pennsylvania in 1717.
She worked in the United States Post office during the Civil War and later a stamp was created in her honor.
A talented writer and singer as well, Vinnie Ream gave concerts in Civil war hospitals and helped wounded soldiers write letters. 

American Inventor Elias Howe

Elias Howe worked tirelessly on a design for the modern sewing machine. Although he was not the first to conceive of the idea that sewing could and should be done by machine, he was the first in the US to obtain a patent for a machine performing a lockstitch which uses two threads and one needle...the beginning of sewing machines as we know them today.
These three factors were unique to his design:

  • a needle with the eye at the point,
  • a shuttle operating beneath the cloth to form the lock stitch, and
  • an automatic feed.

So here's to Elias Howe, a real American Treasure from Massachusetts who invented a world-changing device. 

Young American Hero: Mary Jane Dilworth

Mary Jane Dilworth was among a group of pioneers travelling west through the un-searched United States in the early 1800's There were many children in the caravan of wagons headed west, and they proved difficult to wrangle. Mary Jane decided to organize a school like atmosphere for the youngsters. She was so successful at keeping their attention that she was asked by Joseph Smith to open a schoolhouse when the group arrived at their destination. At the age of 16, Mary Jane Dilworth opened the first school in Utah. The year was 1847.