Wacky Wednesday

Bojangles Chicken.jpg

Situation.  You have something really, really cool but you have no space for it in your home. What do you do? 
There are many options, of course. Build an extension onto your house to be able to fit it. Give it to a friend. Put it in the front yard under a really secure tarp. Or get yourself a closed-down tire factory and start placing your collection on the second floor.  Funny thing, that's exactly what one collector did with his unique - and expansive - collection of all things wonderful. Today's blog is about an item in the collection that would not be defined by most people as 'wonderful,' per se. But it is a thing. Okay, not so much a thing, but a take out container from one of the east coasts' fast food franchises that specialize in chicken and/or biscuits. Founded in 1977 by Charlotte, North Carolina resident Jack Fulk, Fulk sold it four years later to the famous Horn & Hardart automat food company of Philadelphia and New York. They passed it along to other owners ten years later, and now Bojangles has over six hundred franchises open between Pennsylvania and Florida, with the majority of them located in the Carolinas.

If you're looking for lots and lots of fried chicken with buttermilk biscuits, we recommend ordering one of their boxes. But we doubt you're box will be as big as the box we have on display in our Toy Box.  Not that we're competing with you here.  We just like our fried chicken.