Cardinal Beverages

QUESTION:  Which of the following is not typically an ingredient of root beer?
A)  Cherry tree bark
B)  Honey
C)  Cinnamon
D)  Beet

If you have been a loyal reader of the American Treasure Tour blog, but have not actually had the opportunity to visit us, you might think our collection, while large and eclectic, does not extend much farther than automatic music machines, classic cars, circus and sideshow art, movie posters, record albums, model airplanes, old advertisements, sports paraphernalia and a handful of petal cars.  To be honest, we are much, much more than that - with a tram ride through much of the collection to boot!  Today, we are going to talk about one of the newer, less prominent pieces on display in the Toy Box: a reusable glass bottle produced for the Cardinal Distributing Company of Bozeman, Montana.  Maybe you thought the American Treasure Tour, happily tucked away in Oaks, Pennsylvania near the Valley Forge National Historical Park, would never find the opportunity to add pieces from Montana to our collection?  Hardly!  We love our entire country, and strive to honor the whole gosh-darned United States in one way or another!

Full disclosure, Cardinal Distribution does not provide much in the way of their company's history on their website, and our team of researchers has not had much luck locating information online about them above and beyond what beverages they have available at their warehouse in Bozeman. One of our researchers was assigned to give them a call, but he claims to have lost his phone. Admittedly, he said that while playing Angry Birds on what looked suspiciously like a phone. So all we know is that they offer many different varieties of beverages, bot alcoholic and non-alcoholic.  We would list them, but you know. 

ANSWER:  D)  Beet