Monday at the Museum

Cat tails.jpg

Spring has finally arrived, which means it's time to thaw out the family, pile them in the car, and get them out of the house. The first stop on any family road trip should always be the American Treasure Tour Museum in. Oaks, Pennsylvania.  Hopefully, that's pretty obvious to everyone by now. But we at the ATT are fully aware that there are plenty of other places to experience in this amazing country of ours, and we want to make sure you know about them.

If you're heading west after your stop at the Treasure Tour, and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania happens to be in your way, there are a few destinations in that lovely town that simply must be on your itinerary.  We'll tell you about other destinations in future blogs, but today we are going to bring to your attention one of the best non-battlefield Civil War sites in Gettysburg.  It's called Civil War Tails, and it will bring the horrific fighting of the Civil War years to life for you - with cats.  Three-dimensional dioramas depicting battles throughout the course of the War Between the States, with tiny little cats instead of miniature humans.  Honestly, it makes the gruesomeness of the battlefield easier to take, which means this is a great destination if you want to introduce younger visitors to what the Civil War was all about.  Fun, fascinating and informed, Civil War Tails definitely takes history into an unusual direction.