Monday at the Museum

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There are many benefits to being situated in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States.  If you like city life, you've got many of the biggest urban areas in the nation, stretching from Boston to Washington DC.  If you like country, there are many rural and semi-rural expanses from the Pine Barrens of New Jersey to horse country in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  But for some of us, the amount of museums and cultural destinations is really what makes this area great.  Being in a suburb of Philadelphia, there are so many places you can visit in a day trip it's practically mind boggling.  Of course, we might sound like a skipping record when we say the first and most important destination for everyone should be the American Treasure Tour.  Independence Hall comes a close second.  But we won't do a disservice by offering a third place.  

Classic Auto Mall.jpg

Today, we would like to shout out the Classic Auto Mall in Morgantown, Pennsylvania!  It is located just about half an hour from the Treasure Tour, right off the Reading-Morgantown exit of the Philadelphia Turnpike, and it is an amazing place to go for two reasons:  1). If you are looking for a world-class collection of classic automobiles spanning from the turn of the 20th century through to the beginning of the 21st.  There are almost four hundred preserved automobiles on display, with information about the vast majority of them.  2). There is also an automotive consignment area - buy and/or sell your classic cars.  What's best about the whole thing is that there's absolutely no charge before you go in.  Here's there information:

For the sake of full disclosure, we should tell you that the American Treasure Tour IS affiliated with the Classic Auto Mall.  Which means we KNOW how col the place is!