Full Throttle Thursday

We love cars here at the American Treasure Tour - which is likely no surprise considering just how amazing our collection of preserved classic vehicles is!  From our 1951 Crosley to our 1954 Corvette to our 1956 Thunderbird, we have all the varieties of -- oh wait.  That's not a broad range of cars, is it?  Maybe we should instead focus on the 1922 Stanley Steamer, or the 1924 Cadillac Sedan or the 1927 Willys Whippet?  I guess that's showing a little more range in what we have, but it still doesn't even address the OLD vehicles we have, like our 1905 Franklin, or our 1907 ABC - a rare car out of St. Louis, Missouri - or the 1914 Maxwell and the Woods Mobilette of the same year.  


I guess we're starting to get a better sense of the immensity of what there is here at the Treasure Tour for the car lover, but we still haven't tapped into the era of the muscle car - our 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass, or our 1968 Mustang or our Camaro.  You know what?  We're not going to get into every single car you'll see when you come to the American Treasure Tour.  That would be silly.  Just come and check them all out!