QUESTION:  Where in the world was decaffeinated coffee first developed?
A)  Johannesburg, South Africa
B)  Mexico City, Mexico
C)  Bremen, Germany
D)  Abuja, Nigeria

Rarely in the history of invention can one man or woman earn the credit for a major invention without the assistance of other visionaries. Today, we honor one such man.  His name was Ludwig Roselius.  His contribution to the world was introduced in 1903, and continues to affect lives to this day. He figured out how to remove the caffeine from coffee, allowing people to enjoy the flavor of coffee without the side effect of being high strung and edgy (if that's how you react to caffeine). It sold like gangbusters.  When Roselius' coffee was distributed in France, it was described as "sans caffeine" which translates to 'without caffeine.'  Abbreviated to Sanka, when he brought his invention to the United States in 1909, its first name was Dekafa.

Roselius was doing well in the States until war was declared against Germany in 1914. Compelled to leave, he lost his business. When he returned after the war, he brought the French name with him, and his Sanka took off. And it continues to take off to this very day. We honor Sanka at the American Treasure Tour with a can displayed in our Toy Box.  We would say the can is prominently displayed but, when there are so many items on display, we'd best leave that word alone.

ANSWER:  Bremen, Germany